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Come by and let us assist you choose the most appropriate excursions or arrange a trip made just for you including highlights of Zakynthos to make your holiday unforgettable: or just come in and ask for additional info. Our first priority is always clients’ satisfaction which we keep in mind at all times. Free map available. We speak Greek, English, Dutch, Czech, limited German and...

It will be our pleasure to share our knowledge and passion for Zakynthos island with you and are looking forward to welcoming you at our office in Laganas.

Greek local products and souvenirs to suit every taste and budget are in our souvenir shop, ideal gifts to take home and share with your beloved ones.

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About Zakynthos

Zakynthos is characterized by the diversity of its beaches situated at all cardinal points. The sandy beaches on the east and south of the island are ideal for sunbathing, relaxation and basking. The cliffs and rugged coastline on the western side are especially suitable for touring, exploring and diving. The countless beaches make Zakynthos a perfect holiday destination.

The climate is very mild, keeping most pleasant Mediterranean characteristics. The heat waves are rare and the wind that affects the Aegean, is rare in the Ionian Sea and unknown in Zakynthos. The friendly weather and abundant sunshine make the island an ideal holiday destination.

The physical configuration, the climate and the sandy beaches of the island favor all kinds of sports, at sea and ashore, sightseeing, visits to farms, hiking, horse riding and photography. But when the day comes slowly to its end, the nightlife lovers feel as if the whole island belongs to them. Thousands of young people of all ages amble on the streets, and flood into clubs, discotheques, taverns and bars having fun till the wee hours of dawn. Laganas, known world wide offers a gigantic range of choices and wild animation is its leitmotiv….. much so that it proves sometimes difficult to be a simple visitor.

The weather and natural attributes of the island have made it the sixth most visited destination in Greece. Every summer, several thousands of Europeans choose it as it is easily accessible and remains an affordable place to rest.

About Us

Paron Travel was founded by Renee Prevoo, a Dutch national who came to Greece in 1990 and since 1996 has been involved in the tourist trade. In 2007 she opened her own office, PARON TRAVEL, working with tour-operators, and in 2014 Renee decided to expand the business to include direct contact with tourists selling excursions constantly striving to make their holiday both as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Her firm belief in always being honest with her clients and immense business sense, has led to her success in the field.

In her business dealings she has always been supportive of the local economy and as of this year has added a section to the shop where local products will be sold.

She shares the same passion at home with her family and pets. When she is not on the job, you will find her doing activities with her children, walking her dogs, taking care of her farm animals or even out fishing with her husband.

A dynamic personality, always on the go, dedicating 100% of her exuberance to whatever she does.